Garry Bushell New Wave of British Heavy Metal book launched

March 30 sees the official launch of the third in Garry Bushell’s series based around the year 1979  – When Britain Rocked: '79 The Metal Revival. This is the amazing story of his eye witnessing the birth of the new wave of British heavy metal (NWoBHM). Featuring his writings ‘as it happened’ (mainly for the weekly Sounds). This is a unique insight into the birth of a genre! Unlike the other two volumes which were published previously this is the first time these amazing writings have been collected together in book form. Bands featured Include Iron Maiden, Saxon, Def Leopard, UFO, Blackmayne, Tank, Oral, Venom, Rainbow and Motorhead. Also included is Garry’s Top 10 New Wave of British Heavy Metal Albums. The book is available now on the Red Planet Music Books website.

1.Introduction 2. Run To The Hills/ The New Wave Of British Metal, 3. Motorhead / A Disgrace To The Label, 4. Iron Maiden / Unleashed With The Beast, 5. Def Leopard / Hello America!, 6. Ozzy / Blizzard of Oz, 7. Saxon / Wheel of Steel, 8. Rainbow in Finland / It Takes Balls to be a Transvestite, 9. UFO / Still Hazy After All These Years, 10. UFO / Lights Out in Houston, 11. UFO / Close Encounters of the Blurred Kind, 12. Gary Moore in Japan / Samurai Night Fever, 13. Thin Lizzy / The Boys Are Back in Brum, 14. UCG / A Few Beers ‘On the Corporation’, 15. Status Quo/ The Men From Margaritaville, 16. Slade / Come On Fear the Boize, 17. The Pleasures of / Oral, 18. Blackmayne / Twilight of Rear, 19. Judas Priest / An Apology, 20. Venom, 21. Top 10 New Wave of British Heavy Metal Albums

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