The inside story of Infidels songs on Bootleg Series 16

The recently announced Springtime in New York will be the 16th and newest release in the Bootleg Series from Bob Dylan when it is released in September 17.

This remarkable collection includes 21 never-released recordings from the 1983 Infidels sessions.  The fascinating full story of Infidels and all the previously unheard material is told in Surviving in A Ruthless World:  Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels. 

At the heart of Springtime in New York 1980-1985" are the 21 tracks from the 1983 Infidels sessions produced by Mark Knopfler.  This striking collection includes the long sought after and unreleased full band version of 'Blind Willie McTell', the original master track of 'Jokerman', and unheard versions of 'Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight', 'Tell Me', 'Sweetheart Like You', and the remarkable progression of what was first called 'Too Late' into 'Foot of Pride'.

The full story of the sessions and it's hundreds of tracks is told in Surviving in a Ruthless World:  Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels which is the result of author Terry Gans' access to the Bob Dylan Archive at the University of Tulsa. The book was the first to be published using material accessed from the archive including notebooks recordings and other information

Surviving in a Ruthless World is the ideal companion to Bootleg Series 16

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