Car Crime Detective

Car Crime Detective

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The Autocrime Detective tells the story of Dr Ken German’s work with a unique elite squad of 50 other officers in a secret seven story location in North London investigating serious national and International vehicle crimes and tracing the gangs responsible.  The code name for the squad was C10 - (C8 was the Flying Squad). Many stories have been written about the Flying Squad but none have ever been told before of this police unit

Chapter 1 - Car Crime, the Early Years.

Cold Case File Story One - Who stole one of the World’s Rarest Motorcycles?

Chapter 2 - The Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Squad.

Cold Case File Story Two - The Search for the Real Al Capone Cars.

Chapter 3 - My First Bikes, ‘The Motor Cycle’ & a Ride with John Surtees.

Cold Case File Story Three - The Case of the Missing BSA B24 Motorcycle.

Chapter 4 - Joining the Police, Film Sets and the Mobile Column.

Cold Case File Story Four - The Search for Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang ‘Bullitt’ Car.

Chapter 5 - Warren Street, Miranda, IRA Bombs and the Mods & Rockers.

Cold Case File Story Five - The Search for Peter Ustinov’s stolen Hispano Suiza car..

Chapter 6 - Murder, Gangster’s and the Steering Wheel Club.

Cold Case File Story Six   The Search for TE Lawrence’s Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

Chapter 7 - I Get Poisoned, The Silver Dream Racer, Barry Sheene & Stolen Motorcycles

Cold Case File Story Seven - The Search for Lord Brockets Stolen Classic Cars.

Chapter 8 - Insurance Fraud, a Motorcycle Crisis and the Lotus Carlton.

Cold Case File Story Eight - The Search for the Real Hitler Parade Cars

Chapter 9 - A Bentley in Court, my PhD and I get a Close Call.

Cold Case File Story Nine - The Search for Bugatti’s Type 57 S Aerolithe Car

Chapter 10 - International Crime, the Missing 007 Bond car and a Lap of the Isle of Man.

Cold Case File Story Ten - The Mystery of Isadora Duncan’s Fatal Amilcar.

Chapter 11 - Clones, Forensic Examinations and the Mercedes Silver Arrows.

Cold Case File Story Eleven - The Theft of the Most Beautiful Car in the World.

Chapter 12 - The Vehicle Slaughters of Europe, a Moral Conundrum and a Cop Gets Caught.

Cold Case File Story Twelve - The Search for Jim Morrison’s missing Shelby Mustang

Chapter 13 - Not All Thieves Get Caught

Cold Case File Story Thirteen - The Mystery of James Deans fatal Porsche Spyder

Chapter 14 - Alfa Romeo Fraud, Industrial Espionage, the Ganchi Gang and Social Media.

Cold Case File Story Fourteen - The Case of the Missing 1938 Horch 855 Spezial

Chapter 15   E.V. Theft, Advanced Autocrime Technology and Tomorrow's Detectives.

Cold Case File Story Fifteen - Why some countries drive on the left & others drive right hand side of the road?

Chapter 16 - When Police Chiefs & Racing Drivers changed the way we drive.