Shot in the Dark is a punk and new wave collection

Shot in the Dark is an atmospheric journey through the punk and new wave music scene as experienced mainly in LA. But there’s not sunshine in here. Just the subterranean images from that era. According to the punk website Please Kill Me, David Arnoff’s photographs – live and posed – are distinguished by severely ink-black depths and often solitary figures rising defiantly from backgrounds of abyss.

Like all great photographers Arnoff’s images are recognisably his and capture the times and the nature of his, largely punk (in the widest sense) subjects.

Arnoff told Please Kill Me.: “All the bands inspired me to a certain extent, otherwise I would not have bothered. But I’d say the Damned at the Starwood and Patti Smith at the Roxy were outstanding. But, really, I could just list everyone in my book. I was initially inspired, though, by the Sixties bands. I’d seen the Doors, the Kinks, and all those great bands very early on, but wasn’t old enough to even think about shooting them.”

Shot in the Dark is a stunning portrait of the time and a Who’s Who of the punk scene. The images are atmospheric and individual. Here they’re printed in high quality on art paper and bound into an outstanding hardback volume. First published in the USA in 2015 this is a new and updated edition of a book of the best work by a photographer who deserves to be widely viewed.

Amongst the great images in the book are photos of: Wiily DeVille / The Clash / Debbie Harry / The Birthday Party / Nick Cave / Lydia Lunch / Wayne County / Buzzcocks / Dave Vanian / Captain Sensible / Rat Scabies / Brian James / Johnny Thunders / The Heartbreakers / New York Dolls / The Ramones / Pere Ubu / Television / Gang of Four / The Slits / Pauline Black / The Mumps / Devo / Howard Devoto / Dr Feelgood/ Elvis Costello / Ian Dury / Siouxsie Sioux / Alex Chilton / Scientists / Gun Club / Rocky Erickson / The Dream Syndicate / The Rain Parade / Fuzztones / The Runaways / Talking Heads /Captain Beefheart / Stray Cats / The Only Ones /The Stranglers / Thee Hypnotics / Nico / Lou Reed / John Cale / Zeros / Weirdos / Motorhead /Motels / Misfits / The Cramps / The Godfathers / Dead Boys.

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