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  • New collection of writings about Bob Dylan

    Red Planet will be publishing a collection of the best writing about Bob Dylan by the late Peter Stone Brown on May 26, 2022. Peter was a freelance writer, singer-songwriter and renowned Dylanologist. His rootsy debut album Up Against It was recorded in the Austin studio of childhood friend Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel. Debuting on the Americana charts in 1996, it featured many legendary Austin session players including Cindy Cashdollar who would play on Bob Dylan’s Time out of Mind the following year.

  • Free calendar with every copy of Cover Stories

    Bill Smith has designed a limited edition calendar for 2022 which is available exclusively through the Red Planet Books website. Featuring 12 images from his book Cover Stories the calendar is printed in high quality on art paper and measures 25cm x 25cm. For a limited time the calendar is available free with the signed slipcase edition of Cover Stories. 

  • The inside story of Infidels songs on Bootleg Series 16

    The recently announced Springtime in New York will be the 16th and newest release in the Bootleg Series from Bob Dylan when it is released in September 17.

    This remarkable collection includes 21 never-released recordings from the 1983 Infidels sessions.  The fascinating full story of Infidels and all the previously unheard material is told in Surviving in A Ruthless World:  Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels.

  • Cover Stories: Making it special with Bill Smith

    We still have a very small number of the limited edition signed slipcase version of Bill Smith's amazing Cover Stories book. Each one of the 200 is signed and numbered and comes in a beautifully printed slip case. The book which features albums by artists as diverse as The Jam, Genesis, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Toyah, Johnny Thunders, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson UB40 Alison Moyet and many more. Bill provides a narrative for each cover with stories about the artists and about the creative processes.

  • Bob Dylan: Surviving in a Ruthless World review

    The establishment of the Bob Dylan Archive [BDA] in Tulsa marks the beginning of a new era of Dylan scholarship, revolutionary in scope and potential impact. Gaining access to multiple early drafts of lyrics as well as preliminary takes of officially released songs will significantly broaden our knowledge of both Dylan’s working methods and his artistic vision. The depth and breadth of the tapes, manuscripts, notebooks, and handwritten notes are simply astounding

  • Stories Behind Five Decades of Cover Art

    Bill Smith and his Studio have been designing record covers since 1976.

    In those five decades they have worked with more than 200 bands and artists, creating hundreds of album covers, singles bags, and CD covers.

    Bill Smith Studio worked with some of the world’s best photographers, illustrators and painters on covers for among others, The Jam, The Cure, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson and Mike Oldfield.